Mohsin Al Hafeedh

maloMohsin Al Hafeedh is a graduate of The Sharia’a & Law College, UAE University (1984). He also pursued a postgraduate course at LSE, University of London (1987-88), and successfully completed an MBA Degree at Humberside University, UK, 1996-1999.

This is from an academic point of view. From a practical perspective, Mohsin Al Hafeedh is a practicing lawyer and manager.

He worked for a considerable time as an investigating police officer, covering a whole array of criminal cases, which sometimes, included commercial and business with corruption aspects attached to it. He worked in two different jurisdictions, UAE from 1974 until 1982, and in Oman from October1982.  From 1982 – June 2011 he was a part time law practitioner, with other responsibilities in the police force and as a Telecommunications Regulator, as per the appointing Ministerial Decree of May 1, 2002, and then ROYAL DECREE, of August 2007.


He held the following positions in Oman:

Full Time Member of TRA (2007-2011), responsible for Legal, Economics, International, Consumer & media. Member of the Temporary Committee of the TRA (2002-07).

Head of the Police Officers Military Court (1997-2004).

Director General of IT (1998-2007).

Assistant Director General of Operations at ROP HQ (1992-95).

Director of HR, followed by Assistant Director General of HR at ROP HQ (1988-92).

Head of Prosecution Office (1985-86).

Head of Academic Studies & Instructor at Royal Oman Police Academy (ROPAN) (1984-85) where, he taught law courses to students & officers.

Head of Buraimi Police Station (1982-84).

He was also a Board Member of Wattyah Motors LLC 1995-96 representing ROP Pensions Trust & represented the trust as a board member of the national sugar refinery project (1996-97).

He retired from the police service in August 2007, when he was appointed by a Royal Decree as a Full Time Member of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority until June 2011.