maloMALO has a team of lawyers with a wide ranging experience and the capabilities, which qualifies them to deal with many branches of law. Our academic qualifications, accumulated wealth of professional achievements and, our track record puts us in a position to proudly affirm our capability and competence to serve our clients in the market.

Our focus is to provide a high quality, well researched and reasoned professional services, to protect our clients against any potential risks or liabilities associated with their commercial or professional activities.

MALO is a key advisor on various constitutional, civil and corporate matters relating to business ventures, contracts in the public & private sectors as well. The law firm has a dedicated team of Lawyers comprising specialists from fields of corporate law, Legal Audit and Due Diligence, Advisory Services, and other Laws relating to business transactions including banking and insurance. MALO is well provided with the best technology and admin. Staff who are capable of supporting our legal team, and updating our honorable customers in a professional & timely manner.


What is our Vision ?

Our vision is to help in building and advancing a just and transparent Judicial & legal system in The Sultanate of Oman, that observes the laws of the land, and applies them evenly without prejudices or bias, based on race, status, gender or nationality.



Building a versatile and responsive law firm that understands the wants and needs of its customers. Providing a first-rate legal service based on honesty, trust, professionalism, ethics, and sound legal knowledge, in dealing with all legal issues.